It is no secret that the security sector is a male dominated one but ACESGroup is leading the way in shifting that paradigm. They are taking giant strides towards gender parity and are actively encouraging females to join the industry.

24% of ACESGroup’s operational workforce is female and 42% of their full-time contract operational security managers are female - impressive statistics considering much of their work is conducted around the clock and on the frontline to keep people safe. A mammoth 66% of ACESGroup’s executive team is female and earlier this year, 32% of their roster at Sydney’s largest ticketed event, the Sydney Royal Easter Show, was made up of female staff members.

JobSecured is one initiative ACESGroup is employing through Affirm Training that encourages female participation in the security sector. To date, 30% of total JobSecured participants have been female. The JobSecured program offers Government funded training under the Smart and Skilled scheme. Participants undertake a government funded Certificate II in Security Operations which means it is completed at no cost to them. Unique to JobSecured is the fact that successful graduates have the opportunity to work for ACESGroup who will pay the fee for the first year of their newly attained security licence – a hefty bonus in anyone’s book.

Working in the security industry is more than just a job. There is a tangible career pathway with an incredibly diverse range of roles available. Work is undertaken across exciting venues with flexible schedules making it a perfect career choice for females.

Apply for your place in the program today by vising the JobSecured website.

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