Affirm Training student reaching new heights

Eric Chung's career pathway is a great example of how the Affirm Training and ACESGroup partnership can provide great opportunities and produce outstanding team members. From humble beginnings as an event security officer, Eric’s dedication, organisation and security knowledge meant that he was quickly recognised as an integral member of the security team at ACESGroup.

His commitment to expand his skillset through Affirm Training programs helped Eric realise new opportunities working as a security ranger across government sites. His leadership skills, technical capability and growing security knowledge then landed Eric high profile roles within Sydney’s busiest control rooms as well as security supervisor positions at major music and sporting events including Midnight Oil, Sia, Big Bash League, A-league and AFL matches at Spotless Stadium.

Eric’s passion for innovation, technology and workplace efficiency was apparent, and after a short period working across multiple security roles, Eric was promoted to ACESGroup Technology Manager. It wasn’t long after his introduction to ACESGroup’s growing department of Innovation and Technology that Eric hit the road to attend the Security Exhibition in Melbourne to showcase great technological innovations that ACESGroup has to offer.

Eric’s current role now includes being Head of Product for Dynamic Crowd Measurement (DCM). DCM is an intelligent, deep-tech software solution developed to provide insights on crowd behaviour. The ground breaking technology has been used at Australia's largest events and more recently has played an integral role during the COVID-19 pandemic to help safely bring back events, specifically in the Netherlands.

Eric is also heavily involved in the introduction of robotic security services to Australia via HelloNimbo. HelloNimbo in partnership with ACESGroup, is the first provider of robotic security services in Australia.

Eric's work has taken him across the globe, including to New York to meet with other security experts at the ISC East conference, the Unmanned Security Expo and Info Security North America conferences, where 7000 security and public safety professionals convened.

"The professional training services that Affirm has provided, combined with the mentoring, guidance and work opportunities received from ACESGroup, has contributed greatly to the career I've been able to carve in the security industry. I'm really excited to see where the next chapter takes me." - Eric Chung, Product manager, Dynamic Crowd Measurement.

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