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Information and Support

Affirm Training has appropriate student support services including referral to specialist practitioners where relevant.

Accessibility and Disability Services

Affirm is committed to the provision of a safe and inclusive training environment that encourages and supports access and participation to achieve learning outcomes. If you require assistance because of a disability or disadvantage Affirm has appropriate systems to make reasonable adjustments. Please identify any need for assistance and contact the Affirm Training Services Manager or call 9699 7711.

Fee Help

Affirm implements a range of systems to provide financial assistance and relief (including fees by instalment). We can also refer you to organisations that may be able to assist with training financial support. Please identify any need for assistance and contact the Affirm Training Services Manager or call 9699 7711

Course Support and Progression

Affirm Training is committed to ensuring students have support and education services in place to assist in the completion of their training programs. Our effective support services help us to ensure strong completion rates and client satisfaction. Some services may incur additional fees and/or may be provided by external agencies depending on the services required. For information on support services, including language and communication assistance or multicultural and aboriginal student support please contact the Affirm Training Services Manager or call 9699 7711 or email

Information and assistance for Affirm Training students


Enrolment information can be found on the How to Apply pages. Alternatively, information on course prerequisites and eligibility is available on the course information pages. For further assistance please contact Affirm Training on 9699 7711 or email

Unique Student Identifier

All students completing nationally recognised training require a Unique Student Identifier (USI). A USI is a reference number for the records of your nationally recognised training and is linked to the National Vocational Education and Training (VET) Data Collection. Create your USI.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Affirm Training is committed to recognising the prior learning and knowledge of learners where related study or work experience can be credited to your qualification. Recognition of Prior Learning is achieved through the assessment of evidence against the set of qualification criteria. RPL may enable you to complete your qualification faster. Further information on RPL, including National recognition, Credit Transfer and Articulation can be found as part of the Affirm Training Pre-enrolment Information for students.

Smart and Skilled - Government-Subsidised Training

Smart and Skilled is a Training Services NSW programs and services

Smart and Skilled provide eligible students with an entitlement to NSW Government-subsidised vocational education and training (VET). The initiative helps people in NSW get the skills they need to find a job andadvance their careers.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have a right to be assessed fairly, with flexible, valid and reliable assessment processes, including the right to learn in a safe and controlled environment where bullying, harassment and discrimination is not tolerated. Affirm Training students are responsible for their own actions and omissions and should ensure they operate in a safe manner with consideration to others. Students will not engage in actions that may have a negative impact on staff, other students, the general public, property or the environment.

Further Information on Student Rights and Responsibilities can be found as part of the Pre-enrolment Information and under the Terms and Conditions as part of the Enrolment application form.

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