Sub Heading


What is a USI?
Who does the government require to have a USI?
How do I check if I have a USI, or create a USI?
When will you need to provide your USI to Affirm Training?
What happens if I do not provide a USI?
How do I apply for a course with Affirm Training?
Will I be guaranteed a job at the conclusion of my training course?
Do I get a certificate for completing a course?
What does being 'competent' mean?
I’ve lost my training certificate, how do I retrieve a copy?
How do I access records of my nationally recognised training?
Where is training held?
How do I access course information?
Is student support or fee help available?
Am I eligible for government funding to complete a course?
How can I talk to someone about training?
What is a Registered Training Organisation?
What are nationally recognised qualifications?
I already have skills and experience. Do I need to complete a course to get a certificate?
What does 'mixed mode delivery' mean?
What is the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015?
What if I have a complaint regarding a training company?
Can I request a refund?

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